Tart CHERRIES for sweet dreams – The science of SLEEP 😴💭

New technology transforms our sleep into data. Sleep scores and hypnograms are telling me every day how good my watch perceived my sleep during the night. But what does good quality of sleep actually mean? And how can we accurately measure it? How much sleep is enough? And what have cherries got to do with it?
Let’s dive into the science of sleep with me and learn how a glass of cherry juice can save you a trip to the pharmacy and your disrupted night.

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02:41 Sleep in phases
04:34 Sleep in numbers
07:28 5 ways to improve your sleep
11:02 What’s cherry got to do with it?
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How the duration of sleep impacts your health and self-reported quality of sleep data is the best guess we have:
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How hot showers and baths can help you to better sleep:
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General health benefits of tart cherries:
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Tryptophan in cherries for better sleep:
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Highly recommend reading this book if you want to dive deeper into the science of sleep:
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