10 Breathing Techniques for Better Sleep

10 Breathing Techniques for Better Sleep

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Sleep plays a crucial role in our body functions. Having 7-9 hours of sleep in a day is a must because not only does it help you feel refreshed, it also helps boost your body’s overall functioning.

But, were you aware that breathing techniques can help you sleep better? Several breathing techniques aid in boosting the parasympathetic nervous system, thus aiding in getting rid of the problems preventing you from having a good night’s sleep.

Wondering what kind of breathing techniques can make you sleep better? We have some amazing ones to share with you.

1. Meditative breathing. Even a 5 minute concentrated meditative breathing can positively influence your overall mental state and refresh your mind and help you sleep better.

2. Diaphragmatic Breathing. The constant up and down movement of the rested palm on the belly helps in diverting your focus away from the stress and helps you sleep better.

3. Alternative Nostril Breathing. Nasal breathing helps gush in more amount of fresh oxygen into the body which is beneficial in boosting the overall your state of mind which promotes better sleep.

4. Breathing Technique. The technique helps restore balance and calmness back into the mind and body which is key to falling asleep without any problem.

5. Visualising Breathing. Focusing on the breathing exercise helps in triggering and activating the parasympathetic nervous system that is associated with calming down your nerves and helping you relax.

6. Humming Bee Breathing. When you focus solely on the humming sound, it does become quite easier to divert your mind away from the common aspects of the stress and anxiety and helps it calm down which helps you sleep better.

7. Deep Breathing. Deep Breathing helps oxygenate the whole body properly which is key to keeping your mind relaxed and calm and thus promotes better sleep at night without any kind of issues.

8. Lengthened Breathing. Short spurts of inhaling and lengthened exhalation process actually does have positive impacts in resetting your autonomic nervous system, thus boosting it to relax your accessory senses.

9. Yoga Breathing. The constant process of deep controlled breathing with our complete focus on switching fingers and breathing helps steer out thoughts of solidarity, stress or any other kind of negative thoughts.

10. Double Exhalation. The double exhalation helps take away any kind stress off of the body and further brings calmness and tranquility back into the mind. This, in turn, aids in promoting better sleep at night.

Set aside 5 minutes before bedtime to practice controlled breathing exercises. These are guaranteed to promote peaceful sleep and keep insomnia at bay.

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