A Good Night’s Sleep without the Mask

The VOAT Procedure: CPAP Alternative

The Sleep and Sinus Center of Georgia’s VOAT™ surgery is a new approach to radio frequency ablation of the tongue. However, it is a marked improvement on the procedures of the past. The VOAT™ procedure takes a different approach, where scarring is less visible, the incision is less painful, and patients have an 80% chance of improving. Many patients no longer require a CPAP machine at all. In fact, the in-office VOAT™ procedure is very quick, and requires minimal sedation, and some surgeries only lasting 30 seconds.

In conclusion, while radiofrequency ablation is a highly adaptable technology that has been used anywhere from treating varicose veins to sleep apnea. The VOAT procedure has improved upon the foundation laid by RFA and other procedures to become the best option for potentially curing sleep apnea.

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