Big Sleep Data Analytics and Automatic Sleep Diagnosis | CCS, Univ. Tsukuba

Sleep plays an important role in people’s daily lives. Sleep disorders could cause various illnesses. There are a lot of scientific questions that need to be answered about sleep. Quantitative and accurate measurements and analysis of sleep are fundamental issues in sleep research. Sleep polysomnography (PSG) is a commonly used sleep measurement method. PSG attaches many sensors to the subject and continuously measures and records various biological data such as brain waves, respiratory movements, and eye movements throughout the night. In PSG, the burden and cost of the subject are large, and measurement over a long period is impossible. Moreover, analysis of the acquired data depends on manual inspection by human experts, and it is impossible to analyze large-scale data. In response to the increasing social interest in sleep in recent years, some methods have been developed to easily measure sleep status using a smartphone or the like. However, at present, there is still no means to conveniently measure sleep as accurately as human experts. This research aims to realize automatic sleep analysis and diagnosis by integrating sleep big data analysis, machine learning and new sensing technology, and to pioneer a new computational medical science field.

Movie production year: 2021

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