Healthy sleep and how to get it.

Sleep is a non-negotiable biological state required for the maintenance of human life. Much like how we need water, food, oxygen, we also need sleep. But why, what happens when we sleep, what is good sleep health and what strategies can be employed to achieve this? Well, hello and welcome to The Sheekey Science Show where we will discuss all 3 of these questions in this weeks video. Why, because it is interesting of course, but also because, many reviews came out in science last week, or the week before, on the topic and I thought I’d share some of the interesting points from them. For example we will talk about the importance of memory consolidation and waste clearance (such as amyloid beta and tau) from the brain during sleep. And then bonus, at the end, I’ll share some tips that help me sleep.

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Intro – 00:00
What is sleep – 00:45
Memory consolidation – 01:30
Waste clearance – 04:00
6 dimensions of sleep health – 05:45
Sleep technology – 07:45
Other tips for good sleep – 10:45

The interconnected causes and consequences of sleep in the brain –
Marshall, L., Helgadóttir, H., Mölle, M. et al. Boosting slow oscillations during sleep potentiates memory. Nature 444, 610–613 (2006).
The translational neuroscience of sleep: A contextual framework –
Brain neural patterns and the memory function of sleep –
Orthosomnia: Are Some Patients Taking the Quantified Self Too Far? –

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