How Some People Can Sleep Through Anything

Do you know someone who can sleep through almost anything? Why don’t they wake up?

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Sleep Spindles: Where They Come From, What They Do
“Sleep spindles are extensively studied electroencephalographic rhythms that recur periodically during non-rapid eye movement sleep and that are associated with rhythmic discharges of neurons throughout the thalamocortical system.”

Reduced sleep spindle activity in schizophrenia patients
“Sleep spindles are generated by the thalamic reticular nucleus in conjunction with specific thalamic nuclei and are modulated by corticothalamic and thalamocortical connections.”

Busy Brains Make for Deeper Sleep
“Sound sleepers share a surprising secret: a bustling brain. A new study reports that people who can sleep through anything show more frequent bursts of brain activity called sleep spindles than do their light-sleeping counterparts.”

Study: How Our Brains Make Us Light or Heavy Sleepers,8599,2009401,00.html
“How many times do you wake during the night? Do the slightest disturbances — the sound of a toilet flushing, say, or the TV in the next room — rouse you from sleep, while your partner slumbers soundly through a thunderstorm?”

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