How to Eliminate Sleep Medication – Without Withdrawal

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Are you currently taking sleep medication?

A 2015 published study showed that approximately 80% people who use sleep medication experience some level of residual symptoms, including nightmares, difficulty concentrating, headaches, dry mouth and periods of amnesia.

Additionally, studies have shown that sleep medication can interfere with the restorative brain processes that occur during important stages of sleep. So while sleep medication seems to put you to sleep, the problem is you don’t get deep, restorative sleep for your body and mind.

During the course of normal daytime functioning the brain builds up toxins, called beta amyloids. Stage 3 sleep, which comes before the REM phase, is the deepest phase of sleep and is characterized by large, slow brainwaves. These large brainwaves function to flush out brain toxins. However, sleep medication causes a reduction in these large delta brainwaves, and that contributes to the buildup of toxins in the brain. When this happens, the toxins clump together and form plaques which can lead to cell deterioration in the brain, causing memory issues and is also thought to be a cause of Alzheimer’s disease.

There is a way you can use to reduce and eliminate the need for sleep medication—without withdrawal. I’ve developed a program to do just that and it’s available to everyone in the Sleep Easy mobile app. In this program you will be guided day by day in a progression that makes the medication reduction process gentle and comfortable. Through this process, the need for medication gradually falls away.

Dr. Richard Shane has been the behavioral sleep specialist for over 20 years. He is the behavioral sleep therapist for one of the country’s largest primary care practices, which serves over 200,000 patients. In addition, he is the developer of the highly-effective Sleep Easy Method ( and mobile app ( for iOS or for Android users) which is based on his clinically-proven methodology.

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