How to “Hack” Your Menstrual Cycle With Diet, Exercise, & Sleep

How much do you know about menstrual cycles? Half of you will be a lot more informed than the other half. The menstrual cycle holds great significance in a woman’s life, impacting various aspects of her body with over 90% of all women experiencing premenstrual symptoms. However, misconceptions and limited understanding still surround its effects, leaving many women in the dark about their own bodies.

Today, we’re joined by Hazel Wallace. She’s a medical doctor, nutritionist and author of The Female Factor. Here to give us an education on the menstrual cycle.

Dr Hazel Wallace shares with us how the cycle affects almost every aspect of the body, from heart health and sleep to metabolism and even whether there’s scientific evidence behind ‘cycle syncing’.

Whether you’ve had a menstrual cycle or not, you’ll learn a lot during this episode. If you want to uncover the right foods for your body, head to and get 10% off your personalized nutrition program.

00:00 Introduction
00:36 Quick fire questions
03:49 What is the menstrual cycle?
05:42 What is the luteal phase?
06:54 When does the menstrual cycle begin?
07:43 How regular are menstrual cycles – Do they change over time?
08:29 What is actually happening during the menstrual cycle?
09:41 What role does oestrogen have in hormonal changes?
10:48 How does the menstrual cycle affect performance in athletes
12:05 How does the menstrual cycle affect women?
16:30 Are cravings real? Why do they happen?
18:21 What is PMS and what do people experience?
20:11 Is there much research behind PMS?
21:40 What is PMDD?
23:16 How do you identify PMDD?
26:17 What is cycle syncing?
27:43 What role does nutrition have in reducing symptoms during the cycle
30:22 Can regular exercise improve symptoms?
33:52 How is sleep impacted by the menstrual cycle?
37:41 How does this impact our immune system?
38:56 Why is there such little research into this area?
41:13 How has the exclusion of women in research impacted us?
44:14 Menstrual cycle tracking – what is it and how can you do it?
46:31 How can tracking help?
47:26 What diet can help symptoms?
49:31 How does the menstrual cycle affect the microbiome?
52:07 How can intermittent fasting affect the menstrual cycle?
54:59 Summary
58:00 Goodbyes
58:11 Outro

Mentioned in today’s episode:
The Effects of Menstrual Cycle Phase on Exercise Performance in Eumenorrheic Women

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