How to sleep early at night | How To Sleep Fast | Sleep Early | 5 exercise and methods for sleep

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In this video we will discuss 5 methods to Sleep fast. These 5 methods for Sleep you can try before going to bed. With this technique You will be able to sleep fast and sleep early.
The video discusses how to sleep early, or the methods which induces sleep fast. We will share proven methods and exercises to sleep early at night. You will be surprised that by doing this you will sleep early at night, not only early but also fast. Just apply these 5 methods, to sleep early and fast.
Do you find difficulty in sleeping, or you are having insomnia.

In todays modern world, every other person is facing sleep problem, which might be due to stress, anxiety, overthinking, schedule change, using too much gadgets, diet, or different factors combined. we will discuss 5 proven methods to induce sleep fast.

first let’s see why sleep is vital for your body. Sleep is a natural process, which is important for your physical health. When you sleep, repairing process in your body starts. For example, sleep is involved in healing and repairing of your heart and blood vessels. sleep also makes you active for next day.

Now lets see the method, which will help you to sleep fast

1 Try breathing exercises

Breathing exercises are a very popular relaxation technique. This exercise can help to induce sleep fast if done properly. This can be a powerful tool for getting to sleep.

A common Breathing exercise is 4-7-8 breathing. The steps for doing this is as follows.

First exhale completely, through your mouth. Until your lungs are completely empty.

Close your mouth, and inhale through your nose for four seconds.

Then Hold your breath at this point for 7 second.

Open your mouth and breath out(exhale) completely for 8 seconds.

Repeat it 3 to 4 times, and you will find your self asleep.

2 Exercise Daily

Have you ever noticed, people living in villages, more specifically farmers? They never complain for having less sleep, or difficulty in finding sleep. You know the reason why?

Its because they wake up early, do all the hard work physically. Which makes their body tired at night, and go to sleep easily.

The point of discussion here is to involve yourself in physical activity. One of the best way is to exercise daily. Physical exercise has a positive impact on sleep quality. Try to involve your self in moderate to high intensity exercise program

3 Avoid using cell phone and gadgets

If you want a good sleep, then switch off your cell phones and all the gadgets, 2 hours prior going to bed. The more you will use it before going to bed, the more difficulty you will find in sleeping.

4 Avoid certain foods

If you are finding difficulty in sleeping, then you might be taking foods or drinks at night, which are stimulants and makes your body awake.

So limit the use of below items specifically before going to bed

Chocolate, coffee, tea, sodas, energy drinks.

Also try to avoid smoking before going to bed.

5 Make a schedule

Try to fix your routine before going to bed. Fix a time and follow the routine. Don’t take nap at day time, if you are finding difficulty while sleeping at night.

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