Sleep and Heart Health: How does Sleep Affect Heart Disease? | MFine

Sleep and Heart Health: How does Sleep Affect Heart Disease? | MFine

Sleep and heart health, is there a correlation? Do our sleep habits or patterns have a direct impact on our heart health? What about those that have been diagnosed with heart disease? When you are sleeping, your sympathetic and parasympathetic levels are affected – one goes down, the other goes up respectively. In simple terms, this means that your heart rate and blood pressure levels are directly affected. When you are asleep, your body has time to regenerate itself – hence, without sleep, some can barely function.

In this video, top interventional cardiologist Dr. Girish B Navasundi answers the burning questions behind the topic of how sleep impacts heart disease. Sleep, specifically, active sleep, is very important for your body to function at its optimum. Depriving your body and mind of sleep has zero benefits, and can only affect your body and its organs negatively. You’ve heard it before of course, 6-8 hours of sleep is a must. While with our work schedules and busy lives, it can be hard to implement. But, time management is key, and skipping on good sleep is not the answer. There is a correlation between sleep and heart health, in fact, it affects overall health – both that of the mind and body.

This video further has tips on how to make sure you get active sleep – this means actual sleep, not “trying to fall asleep.” Sleep is one of the things that most people deprive themselves of because of the responsibilities they have in life. But, is that worth the long-term negative effects lack of sleep can cause? Watch the video to understand what lack of sleep can do, and don’t forget to send it to your loved ones, especially those that have been diagnosed with heart conditions.

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