Sleep Importance

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

TYLER , TX (KETK) — A new study says that eight hours of sleep is still the magic number.

People who sleep less than six hours a night are twelve times more likely to die prematurely.

And for those people who oversleep… you’re not in the clear either.

People who oversleep can have problems too.

“The typical upper limit of sleep would be nine hours.” said Dr. David Brickey, sleep specialist at Trinity Mother Frances. “And the question is are you over sleeping due to illness or is it the actual sleep itself. ”

Sleep expert doctor Jim Stocks says people need to find a stable schedule.

“Go to bed at an appropriate time….. and a regular time,” Stocks said. “If you’re going to bed at eight o’clock one night and one a.m. the next night it really ruins the body’s clock and the consequence is your body doesn’t know when to go to sleep.”

We asked East Texans how much sleep they were getting.

And the reasons for their lack of sleep were all very similar.

They were staying up late watching TV or spending time online.

And experts say the bedroom should be for one thing only…. sleeping.

“Were victims to everything around us… watching tv, texting and all that,” Dr. Brickey said. “What you really want to do is make sure the bedroom is protected so we know that when were in there, were there to go to sleep.”

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