The Clock of The Body l Andrew Huberman #shorts #facts #health #sleep

The human body operates on a remarkable internal clock known as the circadian rhythm, governing various physiological processes. This internal clock regulates sleep-wake cycles, hormone production, body temperature, and other essential functions. Aligned with the 24-hour day, the circadian rhythm responds to external cues like light and darkness. By maintaining a consistent sleep schedule and exposure to natural light during the day, you can help synchronize your body’s clock for optimal functioning. Prioritizing regular sleep patterns, creating a sleep-friendly environment, and practicing relaxation techniques contribute to a balanced circadian rhythm. Understanding and respecting the clock of your body can lead to improved sleep quality, increased energy levels, enhanced cognitive performance, and overall well-being. Clock of the Body, Circadian Rhythm, Internal Clock, Sleep-Wake Cycle, Hormone Production, Body Temperature, Optimal Functioning, Consistent Sleep Schedule, Natural Light, External Cues, Sleep Patterns, Sleep-Friendly Environment, Relaxation Techniques, Synchronize, Sleep Quality, Energy Levels, Cognitive Performance, Well-being.

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