The Sleep Easy Mobile App

Returning guest, Dr. Richard Shane, PhD, co-founder and Chief Clinical Officer of Sleep Easy (formerly Sleep Easily) discusses the new Sleep Easy Mobile App launched in Dec 2020 that is based on his proven methodology of Neurosomatic Patterning for Sleep™.


Richard Shane, Ph.D. is an internationally renown Sleep Expert
featured in over 100 medical journals and publications including Men’s Journal, Shape, Dr. Oz the Good Life, Huffington Post, Reader’s Digest, International Journal for Sleeping Disorders, along with being a Sleep Expert for Psychology Today. Dr. Shane created the Sleep Easy Method, clinically-proven sleep solution based on the neurophysiology of sleep, that treats even the most challenging sleep issues. Dr. Shane works with several large medical groups serving over 300,000 patients and has worked with large-scale organizations including the U.S. Military, Oil & Gas Industry, Commercial Airlines, Municipalities and Police & Fire Departments and many more. Dr. Shane is on a mission to treat millions of people worldwide who suffer from severe insomnia and other sleep disorders – and transform the world, one night at a time.

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