The Sleep Helper™ – Helps new-born babies sleep

Sleep deprived ?
Nasobuddy’s The Sleep Helper™ helps to stop baby’s crying and calms the baby to sleep naturally.

The Sleep Helper ™ kit has three products in it.
1 × Baby shusher
1 × Colic swaddle belt
1 × Baby lavender balm.
Everything you need to help your baby sleep tonight.

• Baby shusher : The baby shusher makes a white noise sound just like the sssshing and swoooshing sounds your baby heard for nine months in the womb! This calms your baby’s crying and helps your baby to fall asleep and stay asleep.

• Colic swaddle belt : A doctor-designed belt that safely soothes baby’s unease associated with colic(excessive crying) and gas. The belt helps ease excessive crying and fussiness usually seen in the 5PM-11PM time.

• Baby Lavender Balm : A baby safe, mild ayurvedic balm made with pure therapeutic grade essential oils of Lavender & Chamomile. At bedtime, a gentle massage with the balm on baby’s chest and back help eases colic symptoms and helps improve baby’s sleep quality.

Your baby is your bundle of joy.
But it can be really worrying when he does not sleep at night….night after night.
That’s because babies miss the warmth and cozy womb they have called home for the last few months.
It is tough adjusting to this new world.
Introducing the nasobuddy baby sleep helper
It is a safe and secure way to calm your baby and sleep better.
The sleep helper has three products in it
First device – a battery operated ‘baby shusher’, which produces a white noise sound which mimics. The calming sound your baby heard inside the womb.
Next – ‘ colic swaddle belt’, made with specialized fibers and warming gel to relieve baby’s colic.
Last – baby Lavender balm, an ayurvedic balm which helps
Helps to relieve colic and improve baby’s sleep.
The sleep helper stops your baby’s crying, helps the baby sleep and stay asleep throughout the night.

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