Tutorial of how to use SleepSpace to track and optimize your sleep by Dr. Dan Gartenberg

SleepSpace CEO Dan Gartenberg discusses how to create a sleep journey. A sleep journey includes meditations, deep sleep stimulation, an adaptive sound machine, and other capabilities. You can customize these sounds to help you fall asleep, sleep deeply, and awaken refreshed.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to set your sleep journey, what sleep need means, and how SleepSpace adjusts sounds in order to enhance sleep. A smart alarm is also used for awakening in a lighter sleep stage. Additionally, you will learn the 5 ways to track your sleep with SleepSpace, which includes integration with various wearables, placing your phone on your mattress, placing your phone on your nightstand, using the SleepSpace Smart Bed, or the consensus sleep diary.

Users can access this 9-step tutorial SleepSpace is first downloaded. The tutorial also describes how the software can be used to predict your unique circadian rhythm and give you notifications about your morning energy peak, afternoon dip, and second wind.

Every night, to get the most out of SleepSpace, press the “Start Sleep Journey” button on the SLEEP screen. This will activate the sleep journey sounds. For next level optimization, you can also integrate with LIFX bulbs or receive personalized consultations from Dr. Snooze AI or our team of experts.

To learn more about how it works, see here: https://sleepspace.com/how-it-works/

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