Why sleep matters for personal and public health

Sleep is critically important for health: If disrupted, it can literally make people sick, upping the risks for ills such as cardiovascular disease, cancer and depression. A good night’s sleep is a luxury for many, but poor people and members of racial and ethnic minorities are more likely than others to not get enough. Learn how slumber affects the body on a physiological level, and the implications for disease risk. What happens during normal sleep and when sleep is disrupted? What factors contribute to disparities in sleep health and how can they be remedied? And how can we all practice good sleep hygiene?

Join us for a discussion and Q&A with two experts, and get your questions answered. And, if you can’t join us live, please register and we’ll send a link to the replay following the event.

-Carmela Alcántara, Columbia University
-Michael R. Irwin, UCLA Geffen School of Medicine

-Rachel Ehrenberg, Associate Editor, Knowable Magazine


This event is part of Reset: The Science of Crisis & Recovery, an ongoing series of live events and science journalism exploring how the world is navigating the coronavirus pandemic, its consequences and the way forward. Reset is supported by a grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

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