Bulletproof Sleep Road Map – The Essential Guide To Hacking Your Sleep

Raise your hand if any of these scenarios sounds familiar: You struggle to fall asleep, and once you do, you wake up multiple times a night. Or perhaps you’re out the minute your head hits the pillow, but you’re wide awake around 3am, your mind racing. You’re left stumbling through your day, exhausted and half-dazed as you reach for yet another cup of coffee to keep you going. Being tired sucks. Sleep deprivation affects your performance, your relationships, and your mood. It also impacting your brain and its ability to recover and reset from the day. Sleep is the foundation of a long, happy, productive life.

Here’s the good news — there’s a lot you can do to improve your sleep. Instead of trying one or two strategies haphazardly, why not start the new year right and commit to the Bulletproof 30-Day Sleep Challenge? For the duration of the challenge, you’ll employ science-backed methods designed to help you sleep better.

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