How To Develop a Nighttime Routine for Better Sleep

Regular quality sleep is essential for metabolic health, yet maintaining a solid nighttime routine that relaxes you and cues your body for sleep can be tricky. Sonja shares her all-natural tried-and-true techniques for winding down.

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🤓 Try blue-light glasses, which help block blue light from screens that may interrupt your natural sleep-wake cycle.
💡 Swap out some lightbulbs in your house for red lightbulbs. We don’t have much research on red lightbulbs yet, but Sonja says they make her feel calmer.
📖 Try a calming activity: Sonja likes to read, even if just a few pages. This habit helps signal to her body that she’s ready for sleep. She uses the Oura Ring to track sleep, and she notices that her resting heart rate doesn’t come down if she skips her reading session.
❓ Instead of pharmaceutical sleep aids, ask your doctor about a magnesium supplement.
⏰ Aim for going to bed 30 minutes earlier, especially if you find you’re waking up still feeling sluggish and groggy.

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