The secrets of good sleep | Professor Matt Walker

We all know how good it feels to drift into deep sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.

The positive effects of a good night’s sleep affect every aspect of our lives. We feel energetic, focused, and ready to take on the day’s challenges.

But the long-term effects of bad sleep are less known. It turns out, they have a huge impact on our health and even how long we live.

In this episode, Jonathan speaks with Prof. Matthew Walker to learn what the latest science says about improving our sleep — to give us more energy and better health. They also discuss whether how we sleep changes how our bodies respond to food.

Matthew Walker is a sleep expert, a professor of neuroscience at UC Berkeley, and founder of the Center for Human Sleep Science. He’s also the author of Why We Sleep.

Matt and his team are currently working with ZOE scientists to research the links between sleep, nutrition, and health.

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00:00 – Intro
00:33 – Episode start
01:22 – Quickfire questions
02:48 – What’s the biggest myth about sleep»
04:09 – What is sleep?
07:46 – Why do we sleep?
10:29 – REM
14:22 – How does Matt study sleep?
16:18 – What happens when you don’t get enough sleep?
22:48 – Collaboration with ZOE
28:16 – Sleep and menopause
32:38 – Tips on how to sleep better
33:23 – Sleep regularity
35:12 – How do you find out about your chronotype?
37:20 – Bedroom temperature
38:04 – Lighting
39:04 – Caffeine and Alcohol effects on sleep
44:22 – Making your room like a cave
44:57 – The influence of screens on your sleep
47:03 – Summary
48:14 – Goodbyes
48:35 – Outro

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