Painless Goodbye to Hemorrhoids

Painful and embarrassing, no one wants to talk about hemorrhoids. The simple truth is once these swollen veins become a problem people can’t sit back and ignore it.

“It’s because it’s thrombosed, in other words that’s a fancy word for it, it has a small clot. It distends the skin and it becomes real painful,” says Lee Memorial Health System general surgeon Dr. Steve Moenning.

Now there’s a new, less-invasive treatment that makes these bleeding blood vessels disappear. Where surgery used to be the only option, the FDA approved a bipolar device that destroys the troublemaker.

“We still have to put the patient to sleep, but bipolar is a fancy way of saying energy goes from one part of the device to another,” says Dr. Moenning.

This procedure required is one session and patients go home the same day. Compared to traditional surgery, which cuts out the offending clot leaving patients with an uncomfortable healing process. The bipolar method is cutting-edge treatment with no cutting.

“It shrinks the blood flow into the hemorrhoid, which then shrinks the internal hemorrhoids. It doesn’t extend deeper to involve the muscle tissue. So there’s no surgery in terms of cutting out the tissue. There’s no sewing up,” says Dr. Moenning.

The procedure is quick and relief is almost immediate.

“It’s phenomenal. We can get rid of the internal hemorrhoids and frequently shrink the external hemorrhoids in a painless fashion,” says Dr. Moenning.

More serious cases may still require surgery, but this technique is sapping the strength out of most hemorrhoids.

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