The Science of Sleep with Poul Jennum

Why is sleep so important for cognitive function? What mechanisms control the state of being asleep and the state of being awake? How can we modify our sleep?

While we may not often think about why we sleep, we acknowledge that sleep is needed to improve our daytime function. After one night of rest, we feel more alert, energetic, wellbeing, and improve our cognitive function. In contrast, if we disrupt our sleep, daytime function and quality decreases.

Sleep is, together with wakefullness, necessary and biologically controlled by brain structures. Sleep is involved in a number of vital processes and executes major influence on growth, energy restoration, brain plasticity and cognition. In the talk, Poul Jennum will discuss the relation between wakefulness and sleep, how they are controlled by brain structures, and consequences of sleep interruption and bad sleep. Furthermore Jennum will discuss the health consequences of sleep disruption and lastly, if sleep can be modified.

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